I wanted to talk about something else besides the MiB/Christian theories and the Sun/Jin reunion so I thought I would give my two cents about the new Jack. (although I know Jack is also talked about a lot) Jack is a lot like the show as a whole in that after each episode and each season, the show and Jack become more complete as a show and as a person respectively. I will be the first to admit that although I did enjoy Jack's character, he was never one of my all time favorites. I always loved Locke and I thought Sawyer was a bad ass and I even had Ben above Jack. Anytime Sawyer could get Jack pissed off was a good episode just because he loved to get under his skin. However in this season, and really since the season 5 episode "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" we have seen Jack start to take a turn and realize his destiny. Now obviously there are some out there who don't believe in destiny and fate, but I am one who does believe that a plan has been laid out for us all. I think it is good to see that Jack has finally accepted the fact that he is a special part of the island and he cannot simply ignore it anymore. Jack finished transforming into Locke v 2.0 in this week's episode when he had his talk with Sawyer aboard the Elizabeth. I think Jack had his epiphony when he was at the lighthouse and when the dynamite failed to blow up in the Black Rock and kill him but the old Jack would have held on to that ship and road it straight to the nearest flight home. Becuase of this dramatic change in character (and because he is the main character of the show) I think he is going to make a huge decision in the last episodes and is probably going to decide the fate of all the people on the island. I believe there is no way that he is going to actually join MiB as some of you have theorized but I am not positive he is the Jacob replacement. At this point I am not sure if one person is going to replace Jacob and if Jacob will be replaced at all. The next 4 episodes I can guarentee will be some of the best ever of Lost if not television and I am unbelievably pumped to see how it all plays out. Long live Jacob. Peace out.

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