I don't know if anyone remembers this or not but in the season 5 episode "Dead is Dead", Ben and Sun are sitting there at the Dharma Barracks and they are talking about how Ben is just as shocked to see Locke alive again as Sun is. (Remember at this point they dont know he is the MiB) Anyhow, while they are talking, MiB went into the jungle and told them to wait there because he had something to do and then a little bit later the bushes move a little bit and Ben says "What is about to come out of there, I cannot control" and MiB walks out and tells them he is ready to go. My point is, where did MiB go during this time period? Do you guys think that this is when he went and killed off all the Ajira passengers? If you believe he is the one who killed them all. Or do you think he went to do something that we have not been shown yet that might be important? I would like to get your guy's thoughts on this matter since it kind of has been pushed into the background but I feel like it could be important.

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