DO NOT READ ON IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE NEW MAN IN CHARGE OR DO NOT WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE CONTENTS OF THE COMPLETE COLLECTION ARE ABOUT! . .. .... ...... ........ .......... ............ .............. ............ .......... ........ ...... .... .. .

So I just watched the new man in charge and it was pretty good but nothing that exciting. I thought it was cool to learn about the supply drop and the hydra video. Seeing Walt again was cool too but in classic Lost fashion, it leaves us with a cliffhanger. Hurley tells Walt that he has a job for him to do and then cut to Lost. What do you guys think he wants Walt to do?

Also, I dont know how many of you got the complete collection but there are a few things I want to talk about. The first thing is the plastic ankh that came with the collection. Inside is a "secret note" from Jacob however, I have no idea how to decipher the note. It is a bunch of hieroglyphics and some arrows. Does anyone know what this message means or know how I can decipher it?

The next thing is the letter that was written by someone who was on the Black Rock. In the note he refers to the trip on the way to the island and how the proximity of the island is making some people go crazy. And then, the most interesting part in my opinion is one particular journal entry in which the author says that 5 men went to the island in a boat and only one came back alive. The man who came back alive said they got in a shoot out with someone and than they disappeared in a flash of light. Now I know in the outrigger chase there were only three people in the boat chasing Sawyer, Locke, and company but could it be that this is referring to the outrigger scene?

And just to add, the bloopers are really funny for season 6 and the deleted scenes are pretty cool. If you get the chance, youtube them. They are good.

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