My Dad asked me the other day how Lost was going this season (he stopped watching it after season 2 because season 3 didn't come on until 10 P.M. on the east coast and he didn't stay up to watch it.) I told him it was going good and he asked what is going on so far and when I tried to tell him about it, I realized I couldn't. This is the thing people will never understand about this show unless they watch it through. You cannot sit down and just casually watch Lost or have someone give you a brief summary about it. This show is like nothing that has ever been on television before and there will probably never be another show like it. The way the writers tie things in and connect them all is amazing and even when things seem unbelieveably confusing, in the end it all ends up making sense. Sure some of the answers were rushed but the great majority of the writing of this show is a masterpiece. It seems weird to think that in three days the show is going to be over and I will never be able to look forward to Lost coming on ever again. I grew up with Lost, I was 14 when it first came on (the series started 2 days after my birthday) and now I am 20 years old and don't want to move on with my life. Call me a nerd but I have spent countless hours reading these blogs and researching things about the show and theorizing with friends who watch the show. It is funny to think about some of the theories I had in seasons past about how the show would end and how horribly wrong I was. Also, I think it is a great accomplishment to say that I never read a single spoiler through the entire show. Anyhow, I just wanted to thank the writers and the actors for creating such a great show and I know the ending is going to be amazing and many of us will be blown away. I will always make sure to hold on to the DVD's of the seasons and when the complete collection comes out, I plan on buying that as well. Heres to hoping everyone enjoys Sunday night. Watching the white letters of Lost appear on the black background for the last time is going to be rough.

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