In the first episode that we learn about the numbers, it turns out that before Rousseau left her distress message at the radio tower, the numbers were playing over and over again and Rousseau and her team heard them and changed course to find out where they were coming from. Leonard (from the mental institution) and Sam Toomy also heard the numbers over the radio while they were in the Navy which is what led to Sam playing them and Leonard going crazy. Anyhow, Rousseau said that it was a man's voice on the radio and not just the automated voice that we heard on Rousseau's message. Do you think this was Jacob repeating those numbers for some reason? Also, it seems like the numbers had a much different role in seasons past than in the final season because it doesnt really fit that these numbers just corresponded with potential candidates. Even at the end of the episode it shows the numbers on the hatch and implies that there are answers to the numbers inside the hatch, when in fact its just Desmond. Plus, the numbers have to be typed in the computer to stop the Electromagnetism and this had nothing to do with Jacob or candidates because this was created by the Dharma Initiative. It just seems to me like the writers did not have the numbers planned from the start because it just doesnt fit in with the candidates thing.

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