When Lost finally ends and we all move on with our lives (after rewatching every season again), I think it would be pretty cool to have at least one mystery on the show where we can all still wonder exactly what it is. For example, I for one think it would be kind of cool if they never did tell us what the MiB's name just so people can make up their own names or never show us who Adam and Eve really are so people can theorize. Is it Rose and Bernard? Is it the original protector and evil incarnate? Is it Jacob and MiB's original bodies?

With some of the answers we have gotten, I just feel like sometimes the theories I have made up for myself are better than what we are given and it also gives the show a longer lifespan because there will always be the hardcore fans of the show like myself that will still rewatch the episodes every now and again looking for clues.

Whose side is Christian really on and is it really Christian or someone using his identity? Who was in the cabin and said "Help me"? Could be MiB...could be Jacob...could be Vincent? There is evidence for all three.

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