So as any of you can probably guess by my name, I am and have always been a big fan of Jacob. In fact, as soon as we first saw him sitting on that beach, I decided that he was my favorite character on this show because of his demeanor and his personality and also how much of a bad ass he is. Imagine my disappointment when we finally meet him and 2 hours later, he is brutally murdered. But all was well when season 6 started because even though he was dead, he could still appear to Hurley and had made a good number of appearences throughout the season and even had his own centric. Imagine my disappointment when in tonight's episode Jacob tells us that "once the fire goes out, you will never see me again." Say it aint so Jacob! Why cant me, you, and Jack, and Hurley all just hang out together on the beach and have a cold one and talk about girls. If you have to go, could you at least appear for a scene or two in the finale so I can have some closure. All I am asking for is a scene with you and Jack and everyone and you say goodbye to them and give one more piece of awesome information and then your fire slowly goes out. I don't even want to think that maybe I just saw Jacob for the last time when he made Jack the protector and I didn't even know it. Do you guys think there will be a couple scenes in the finale with Jacob? See you in another life brotha.

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