Earlier in this season, I was almost positive that Locke and Jacob would come back somehow and play a role in the finale. (I mean really come back not be a ghost seen by Hurley and be a different person in Locke's skin) Than things happened and that really didnt look like it was going to happen anymore since Locke was buried and MiB was so sure that Jacob was gone. And than, the episode Everybody Loves Hugo was aired. Now a lot of people have theories about Desmond trying to kill Locke in the alternate timeline so MiB cannot take him over but I think that he is trying to get Locke to see visions from the OT. If the timelines do somehow converge, I think the real Locke is going to come back somehow and if it happened it would be the most epic thing to ever happen on any show. Period.

Moving on to Jacob coming back. This might just be hoping more than evidence but when Ilana first grabbed Jacob's ashes, I thought she was going to do something with them involving Jacob coming back but as it turns out, she just wanted Miles to seem them so he could tell her how he died. But then Ilana was blown up (o well) and Hurley decides to look through her stuff. He sees the bag and looks inside and when he sees the ashes, he gets a look on his face like he needs to keep this and does. For some reason Jacob's ashes are important and I think Jacob coming back is very possible now. Also, everytime I see that boy I cant stop thinking that he really looks like Jacob.

Keep in mind my two favorite characters on the show are Locke and Jacob so this could just be false hope but what do you guys think?

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