I thought this was easily the best episode involving Charlie that we have ever seen. A lot of the reason is because the acting was great but I thought it was crazy how Charlie knew that the flash-sideways wasnt supposed to happen. I could have guessed that Faraday was somehow going to be involved in Desmond realizing his mind is once again traveling but I would have never guessed that Charlie also would know that their minds were travelling. I thought it was awesome when he put his hand on the window and Desmond had the flashback to when Charlie drowned. Then at the hospital, Charlie knew that Desmond had seen his "vision" to help him realize what was going on. I also think that obviously Eloise knows exactly what is going on since she gave that little speech to Desmond about how trying to find Penny was a "violation" and he was not ready to do it yet. She is definately wayyyyy more important than anyone could have seen coming and I am assuming we will see more of her in the last episodes. Feel free to comment on whatever. This episode made me miss Charlie. I wish he didnt die for pretty much no reason in the orginal timeline.

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