So I was sitting at work and not doing anything because we are always slow and my manager and I are both Lost fans so we talk about it all the time. We both have reason to believe that MiB was lying about being Christian at least some of the time. So we came up with a scene they could show which would disprove this. So here it goes...Jack is walking through the woods minding his own business when all of a sudden Christian walks around a tree and says "Hey Jack!" Jack looks at him and says, "Dad? Or are you MiB?" and Christian looks at him and says "No son I was never MiB...but I was M.I.A." Jack says "HA good one Dad" and they share a laugh and give each other a high five and then David walks out and says "oh yea and I am your son from the alternate timeline!" All three hug each other and than Christian and David disappear and Jack shrugs his shoulders and walks away. Cut to LOST.

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