So alot of people on this site have very different viewpoints on the timeline of the island and if the Losties, being back in 70's, have changed the future.

I would like to give some evidence that i feel solidifies my idea that whatever happened...happened.

In a Comic Con 2008 video, Pierre Chang explains why he is on the island. He explains that whoever is watching the video is seeing it 30 years in the future. He goes onto explain things about the future like bush is president, and he describes the internet. He then goes on the talk about the Purge and its inevitability.


I do not think that Pierre Chang can see into the future and it is obvious to me that he knows this information because THE LOSTIES HAVE TOLD HIM. I believe that this proves the the Losties are in the 70's and HAVE ALWAYS BEEN IN THE 70's!!!

So anyone agree/disagree or have further info on this?

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