So someone brought up the idea that Vincent could be leader....and I know it was a Joke but I really think you could be on to something. And I think that some of the people who blog here will definitely agree with my theory!

So first, OH MY GOD..... did anyone ever notice that it seems like vincent never ages! Holy shit, he is the god Anubis for sure and is also hurleys father which would make perfect sense since he and hurley both have so many similarities. And since hurley is now in the past, he is going to sleep with pierre chang and CHNAGE THE WHOLE FUTURE (since, you know, lost is going on the "butterfly effect" law, right?) Also, Did you notice how melancholy Vincent seemed when boone died? he knew he could bring him back later after the island explodes and we discover that ben is jacob who is richard who is jack's ego. HOLY SHIT. And Widmore and vincent really own Dharma and brought them to the island to study how many people can draw false conclusions from things that really don't mean anything. wow. I didn't mean to just spoil to whole show but yeah.

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