So I read an article talking about the alternate timeline theory. They were talking about the writers and violation...etc.

I just want to talk about this a little bit.

Ok, so I DO feel that I would be cheated if the show went into an alternate timeline reality. I think some of the ideas are interesting but really it would be too confusing, make no sense, and completely make the whole first 4 seasons irrelevant. I truly believe that the purpose of the show LOST is to get to the very end..say HOLY SHIT and rewatch it from the very beginning to catch all of the subtle things that you had missed. I believe that Ben being shot is a huge milestone and is the reason why he KNOWS that Sayid is a killer deep down and hires him for the future. I believe that we will get to go back and watch Ben and Juliet's relationship when she first gets to the island and say wow, he has known her as a child...hence Ben saying "you look just like her." We will see Richard greet John for the first time but now know that he had met John back in the 50's.

If you change the timeline then that whole future that we know.... Seasons 1-4...will be completely irrelevant, those moments wont matter. Those subtle things that meant nothing at the time but mean everything now will be pointless. I have been waiting to go back and see all of these wonderful things again but if the timeline changes than that won't be the real future?? I just don't get it.

Let me know what you all think

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