Im surprised that no one has brought up the Daddy Problem Phenomenon on LOST. I can't help but think that this will one day be revealed as very important. Almost every single character on the island has an issue with their father. So whats the deal?

  • Kate and the father she killed
  • Jack and his father (obviously)
  • John and Anthony Cooper (obviously)
  • Sun and her father
  • Jin being ashamed of his father
  • Michael and Walt
  • Ben and his father
  • Hurley's father abandoned him as a child
  • Claire and her father
  • Aaron's father left claire before he was born
  • Sawyer's father was murdered
  • Penny and Widmore
  • Charolette had to leave her father as a child

(The other freighter people may have the same father issues)

I also think its interesting that Richard told John that he had to kill his father in order to be leader, just like Ben killed his father and became leader of The Others.

I mean...Is this just a coincidence? I think this is definitely on purpose and I'm just wondering what its going to mean. What do you think?

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