• JacobsBaby

    The Bomb

    May 14, 2009 by JacobsBaby

    First of all just want to say that the finale was AMAZING!

    But ok...I just want to know what people's thoughts are on the idea that the nuclear explosion will transfer the losties back to present time 2007....and that the bomb going off could possibly be the force that sucked the Losties out of flight 316 and into the 70's.

    What do you think???? I want to know if it holds water.

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  • JacobsBaby

    Lets talk LOST

    March 26, 2009 by JacobsBaby

    So I read an article talking about the alternate timeline theory. They were talking about the writers and violation...etc.

    I just want to talk about this a little bit.

    Ok, so I DO feel that I would be cheated if the show went into an alternate timeline reality. I think some of the ideas are interesting but really it would be too confusing, make no sense, and completely make the whole first 4 seasons irrelevant. I truly believe that the purpose of the show LOST is to get to the very end..say HOLY SHIT and rewatch it from the very beginning to catch all of the subtle things that you had missed. I believe that Ben being shot is a huge milestone and is the reason why he KNOWS that Sayid is a killer deep down and hires him for the future. I belie…

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  • JacobsBaby

    So alot of people on this site have very different viewpoints on the timeline of the island and if the Losties, being back in 70's, have changed the future.

    I would like to give some evidence that i feel solidifies my idea that whatever happened...happened.

    In a Comic Con 2008 video, Pierre Chang explains why he is on the island. He explains that whoever is watching the video is seeing it 30 years in the future. He goes onto explain things about the future like bush is president, and he describes the internet. He then goes on the talk about the Purge and its inevitability.


    I do not think that Pierre Chang can see into the future and it is obvious to me that he knows this information because…

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  • JacobsBaby


    March 20, 2009 by JacobsBaby

    So someone brought up the idea that Vincent could be leader....and I know it was a Joke but I really think you could be on to something. And I think that some of the people who blog here will definitely agree with my theory!

    So first, OH MY GOD..... did anyone ever notice that it seems like vincent never ages! Holy shit, he is the god Anubis for sure and is also hurleys father which would make perfect sense since he and hurley both have so many similarities. And since hurley is now in the past, he is going to sleep with pierre chang and CHNAGE THE WHOLE FUTURE (since, you know, lost is going on the "butterfly effect" law, right?) Also, Did you notice how melancholy Vincent seemed when boone died? he knew he could bring him back later after …

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  • JacobsBaby

    So a very important question to ask right now is...where are rose and bernard. My guess is that they joined the Hostiles and are living it up. But more perplexing than that is.... WHERE IS CLAIRE??

    has she just been flashing around this whole time in Jacobs cabin? what do you think?

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