I've really been racking my brain of this. As we know, despite some serious injuries of his own, Desmond put a world class smackdown on Ben during their confrontation at the docks when Ben was going to kill Penny in the epsidoe "Dead is Dead". This culminated in Desmond throwing Ben of the dock into the water. As the scene closes we see a sinking, unblinking, bleeding like a stabbed pig, Ben. It seemed as if Ben was not in a very fair condition. Personally I believe some one pulled him from the water and saved him. I also think that this will come to some importance later on. The quesetion is who though? Could it have been Jacob? We know now that he is off island and in LA at this time by his visit to Hugo. Could it have been Ilana and/or Bram working for Jacob? How about somebody working for good old Chuck Widmore himself? Maybe some one else I'm not thinking of at all. Possibilities are endless here. What do you think?

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