What If.... We are the ARG?

OK, now that I have your full attention. Please let me try to explain. What I am trying to say here is: What if this year's ARG is all the seemingly "Official" things that we have seen so far this summer. The Oceanic commercials, the Mr. Cluck/Hurley Ad, the supposed title of S6 E1 aka "The Title That Will Not Be Named", et all? What if we are being given a glimpse into a world where 815 didn't crash, a world that doesn't truly exist in the known LOST universe. I'm not saying that this is where the show is heading, I just saying......

To quote John Locke "Oh hell....". I've LOST my train of thought on this and I would probably delete this rather than post it, but I think the jist of what I'm trying to convay is in there.... somewhere. It really seemed put together better in my head. Promise.....

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