I was just wondering if anyone else out there in the Lostpedia Universe happened to catch the new "Stephen Hawkings Theory of Time Travel" show that aired on Discovery Channel here in the US last nite? It was narrated by both Stephen Hawking and Steve Coogan (weird, I know), all using Hawkings actual theories and texts. It was really informative and captivating, albeit well over my head at some points. One section of the show dealt with a "Time Travelers Gala" that Hawking hosted back in 2009. Where, basically, he hosted a secret party that he would send out the media releases and international "future" invitations afterwords, asking all future time travelers to someday, "in the future", when time travel has been perfected, come back in time and join him at the party. Sadly, no one from the future arrived,causing Hawking to conclude that time travel to the past in literally "impossible". Yes, he did still announce the party to the media and send out the future invitations the next day as he said he would, thus not creating a paradox with his intentions. It was an awesome show, especially knowing that it was all coming from Hawkings brain. Check it out if you missed, I'm sure it will be on again in the near future. Oh, and Spoiler Alert, Mr. Hawking does believe time travel to future in completely feasible, and he explains how!

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