Who wants to get back to the real reasons why we all are perusers of the Lostpedia blogs? I know I am up for some old fashion give and take about personal beliefs and theories concerning the show we all love. So here goes nothing: I think Smokey is an evil master manipulator, and in my opinion anyone who thinks he is the good guy is swallowing his BS. I think "You All Everybody" is being warped (I know that is really horrible grammar, but I couldn't resist the pun) just like Claire, Sayid, Sawyer, Ben..... I have been seeing this pattern slowly unfolding (both with my real life friends and some peeps here on Lostpedia): As someone's favorite character joins up with Smokey so too does the loyalty of that viewer. Instead realizing: "Uh-oh, they made a bad choice.", people have just seem to be be blindly following the paths of their favorite character. And yes, I fully expect to take major heat for saying this. So all that being said: Where do your loyalties lie? Do you see any truth to my aforementioned speculation? Tell me I am wrong and prove it to me! You know you want to. Hell, part of me wants you to!

PS Special shout out to BMetcalf (he knows why). Thanks brotha....

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