I recently began to wonder if Eloise Hawking ever showed Charles Widmore Daniel's journal that she recieved from Jack in "Follow the Leader". If so, I wonder what kind of impact the statement about Desmond being Daniel's "constant" would eventually have for him. I'm sure when Charles finally met Desmond Hume some 20 years later it must have triggered something for him. Perhaps, even letting him know, that, as Sherlock Holmes would say, "The game was a foot". I feel as if Widmore, with this prior knowledge, used Desmond as the important pawn in his quest to return to the island, more or less in the same way Widmore has been used by Flocke in his attempt to "kill" Jacob. I guess my theory for the show is like watching a puzzle being put together by two people who don't use the box as a reference and don't place the pieces congruently to each other. But really if you lok at them closely the aren't putting a puzzle together, they actually playing backgammon against each other. It was a longwinded metaphor, I know, and kind of deviant from my original point here, but, does anyone follow what I'm saying?

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