So, I was watching the S5 Ep. "He's Our You" and I just paused it to put this li'l blurb up. In the cafeteria scene between Jack, Hurley, and Kate where they discussing first waffles, then Sayid, and then finally Sawyer and Julliet. In the background of the whole seen is a cafeteria server with a large and distinct afro. This worker bears a striking resemblance to a certain member of Geronimo Jackson on their album cover. No, I'm not racist and I don't think all black people look alike, and I know a lot of black men had afros in the 70's. But, it instantaneously made me think that maybe G.J. was like a D.I. propaganda band and they secretly worked for Dharma. It also makes me think of a joke: Whats the difference between a large pizza and a bass player? A large pizza can feed a family of 4. For those of you who don't get the joke, it means a bassist (and most musicians in this case) have no serviceable real world works skills, which in turn supports my theory that an unemployed member of G.J. would end up as a cafeteria server for the D.I. and the island. What do you think out there? "I'm going to go make more waffles.....'

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