Season Six is a lie!! It's all a plot of the Crimson King to keep the telling of LOST from ever truly being told across so many!!

The true journey must be told to strengthen Bear 'n Turtle. All 12 Guardians must be strong and repaired!!

The Tower must never fall.

Seasons One through Five hail true. The final chapter being told, as it actually had happen, was of much concern to the Crimson King who seeks only the destruction of the Tower. Some stories have far reach, can touch hearts and minds and then hold their own power. These stories must be told and reach as many hearts as possible, continue to be retold, and never be forgotten. This power emitted strengthens the Beams and in turn allows all of us to exist and experience our own journeys. False stories weaken them. All lies, well rather good lies, are built on existing truths, not all of Season Six is false and much more omitted.

I wot this sounds like nonsense to most of you on this site. The LOST Book Club's readings. while they read King's books, give some needed background to what I will later expose to all of you once these readings complete. Please follow King's books with LOST's Book Club and discuss. Then, I will tell you who I am, why I'm here, and how LOST's final chapter truly ends.

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