After seeing the Finale, I was left with a warm, gushy feeling and felt rather satisfied, though there was some gnawing irritation. However, as the emotional impact of all the reunions faded, and my rational part started coming back into focus, I started to feel more irritated, and then downright frustrated.

I do not feel any frustration at the fact that some mysteries were left unanswered, such as where Knotty Mommy Hair came from, who built the cork in the first place, why all the Egyptian stuff, etc. And while I thought the "half-way house to heaven" explanation for the ALT timeline was totally lame, I can dismiss that whole aspect of season 6 and still be left with a gaping hole. I mean, I don't need to dwell on all the inconsistencies of the ALT, such as why David exists, why Locke would want to leave this much happier life to remember being a total patsy, why Michael became a whisper but Ben or Sayid didn't, why Desmond and Claire would hallucinate Ilana if they have never even met her, and so on, as others have pointed all that stuff out.

No, my main problem is with the OT timeline and how it turned out to just be a hodgepodge of plot devices with no overarching structure and no internal consistency. Things integral to the logic of the story, such as:

How did Jacob go from the clueless mama's boy to someone that built the Lighthouse?

What were Widmore's original motivations and how was Jacob able to change his heart so easily? Why bring him to the island? If Jacob knew Desmond could make MiB mortal again, why not tell Jack?

Why wasn't MiB allowed to kill the candidates? What is the deal with the rules, which were made out to be such a big deal and never explained? How come MiB could not cross ash?

Why did MiB become the smoke monster while Desmond and Jack did not?

What was the point of Dogan?

Who finished the Donkey Wheel? Why wasn't MiB allowed to turn it? What are the rules for moving the island?

I could go on.....

On another blog post, someone alluded to Star Wars and how we have no problem suspending disbelief regarding light sabers and the Force. Therefore, we should have no problems with the glowy light of the Source, time travel, a communally created limbo world, etc. These are not the problems I have. It is not a suspension of disbelief problem. It is a story telling problem. How would you feel if Hans Solo was kidnapped and then never mentioned for the rest of the story? Or if Jabba suddenly joins Luke, telling him that Yoda told him to be good?

Ok, I feel a little better, having gotten the rant out of my system.

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