Was anyone else annoyed that Sayid was upset at not having emotions? I mean, if you don't have emotions, then how can you be upset?

The whole idea of not having emotions seems to be based on this false dichotomy between reason (or logic) and emotions, as if the two were independent and opposite. However, the two cannot be separated, at least as far as decision making goes. I have read that people with brain injuries to their limbic system (sorta, kinda an emotional center in the brain) are unable to make decisions, because they can't bring themselves to care about any of the outcomes.

So if Sayid really wasn't experiencing any emotions, he wouldn't care that he wasn't, wouldn't care about going to Hydra with MiB, wouldn't act surprised at seeing Desmond, etc.

Just thought I would throw this out there, as it annoyed me, just like Data used to annoy me on Star Trek.

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