Jacob's smoke detector

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March 12, 2010
  • Jacob's smoke detector

    After seeing the Finale, I was left with a warm, gushy feeling and felt rather satisfied, though there was some gnawing irritation. However, as the emotional impact of all the reunions faded, and my rational part started coming back into focus, I started to feel more irritated, and then downright frustrated.

    I do not feel any frustration at the fact that some mysteries were left unanswered, such as where Knotty Mommy Hair came from, who built the cork in the first place, why all the Egyptian stuff, etc. And while I thought the "half-way house to heaven" explanation for the ALT timeline was totally lame, I can dismiss that whole aspect of season 6 and still be left with a gaping hole. I mean, I don't need to dwell on all the inconsistenci…

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  • Jacob's smoke detector

    Was anyone else annoyed that Sayid was upset at not having emotions? I mean, if you don't have emotions, then how can you be upset?

    The whole idea of not having emotions seems to be based on this false dichotomy between reason (or logic) and emotions, as if the two were independent and opposite. However, the two cannot be separated, at least as far as decision making goes. I have read that people with brain injuries to their limbic system (sorta, kinda an emotional center in the brain) are unable to make decisions, because they can't bring themselves to care about any of the outcomes.

    So if Sayid really wasn't experiencing any emotions, he wouldn't care that he wasn't, wouldn't care about going to Hydra with MiB, wouldn't act surprised at…

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  • Jacob's smoke detector

    Ok, so I had no problems with the time travel, or with all the eldritch coincidences, or with the compass from nowhere....but this whole "can't kill myself" business is ridiculous.

    Do you mean to tell me that if Jack takes a knife and stabs himself in the heart, he will somehow miss his chest or break the blade on a rib? Or if he jumps of a cliff, will a Dharma van happen to be driving by at the bottom with a mattress delivery?

    I am having a hard time suspending disbelief on this one. Can anyone make this less painful for me?

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