Look at the picture on her character page. She's got blonde hair with bangs(parted down the middle) and the same hair cut !!! Her body and arms are the same !! Her face and nose are the same too !!!She was the teacher in the classroom when Ben arrived... Ben is there (As seen Namaste)she's not and there is no mention of her>by anyone. When Horace confronts Amy about Paul, she could have turned it around and said something about Olivia..but she didn't. Even if she is only Horace's sister, wouldn't she congratulate her brother and see her nephew? NO, she is completely out of the picture. She is not there when Jack,Kate and Hurley are there. Face it people...the woman has disappeared!!!!! In the episode in the classroom she was talking about a volcano...Locke found ashes around Jacob's cabin..(It looks like volcanic ash.) Horace was "building the cabin for he and the Misses".. On her character page it states she was " Horace's wife" and under trivia says "she is clearly wearing a wedding ring." It also states "in the "man behind the Curtain" Lindelof and Cuse describe Horace and Olivia as factoring in significantly in the future "game plan" for Lost." She is holding a white rope that she's going to use to strangle Horace for cheating on her with Amy...(just kidding)...She is wearing a black shirt with white writing that says " Life's a bitch...then you die...turn into white smoke and have to spend eternity appearing when some creepy guy name Christian has a point to make"..........................or maybe I'm just high........................... Whatever the case is, the mystery woman behind Sun is Olivia Good speed...there mystery solved!

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