Kate has the dream that Clair was in the bedroom with Aaron ....In the Original version( "There's no place like Home" ) When Kate answers the phone, there is three taps and then we hear some kind of weird language ( backward, I presume ) In the recap when she answers the phone, there's three taps and a voice saying "you have to go back". Sounds like Jack who said this previously. The other thing I noticed, is when she kicks in the door to Aaron's bedroom with the gun, there's the White Rabbit holding a watch from Alice Wonderland on the door behind her.( This was in both ) I know Jack sees his dead father In "WHITE RABBIT". Christian, Jack, Clair and Aaron are all related- kinda like a family event in there. If Kate stayed with Jack and Married him - It would be a complete family reunion. I remember we heard Christian on the broken intercom saying, the line's been crossed or something like that,in the underwater holding cell where Ben and Juliet were keeping Jack. Then Tom (aka Mr Friendly) said something to him just like that.( Always thought that was odd - because Christian said something Similar to Jack Off the Island - so I figured Christian, was always apart of the Island at the time, When Mr Friendly said the same thing.) What do you think this mean? I think Kate and Jack end up as Adam and Eve, don't know if it's related, but Maybe? Did anyone else see any other ones?

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