Something Major has occurred involving Walt in EVERY SEASON FINALE 1-4: He was Kidnapped(Exodus Part 2)Season One Finale ends with Micheal Screaming, "Waaaaalt!" Escaped the Island (Season 2 Finale )Only Character listed as "escaped"( "Live Together, Die Alone")Appeared as an apparition to John giving him orders, when Locke was about to kill himself.( Season 3 Finale "Through the looking glass")Admitted visit from Jeremy Bentham ( Season 4 Finale "There's No Place Like Home") These 4 Season Finales are referenced on Walt's character page. Before Locke left the Island, Christian appeared to him and made reference not to listen to Ben. When Locke (Bentham) returned from the Island, he visited Kate, Jack, Sayid, Sun, and Hurely and tried to convince them to go back to the Island with no avail. KNOWING HE WAS ABOUT TO DIE, He visited his old pal, Walt. He knew Jack would eventually return and Sun ( because of Jin ) would return. But he also knew Kate, Sayid, and Hurley would need convincing.(Plus they're not emotionally invested like Jack and Sun to go back) They all hate and don't trust Ben and Widmore just tried to kill them all by sending Keamy and his motley crew. So who better to send to convince them than "Poor little orphan Walt" - Whose Father they all watched blow sky in order to save them. I believe Walt is Matthew Abaddon- Young Walt is using his "Minds Eye"- going forward/backward in time - to appear as himself (a 13 year old )and as Abaddon ( Future Walt and Locke's authority-hence JOHN RECEVING ORDERS FROM "TALLER GHOST WALT"- WALT IS TALLER BECAUSE IT'S 3 YEARS LATER - AFTER THEY RETURN FROM THE ISLAND - AFTER BENTHAM VISITS WALT.)( I belive because of the Island flashes, the orginal outcomes in time have changed, Walt goes back and forth in time to convince the others to return - this includes John Locke himself, who will have no memory of the Island when Adaddon/Walt appears to him in the past convincing Locke to go on a "Walk-About.") When Abaddon visits Hurley at Santa Rosa, there is a hand drawn picture of an Island scene behind him - It looks scary like an adult drew it. When Walt visits Hurley, There is a hand-drawn picture of an Island scene behind Walt, it's very colorful and looks like a child drew it. This represents Walt appearing as himself as a child and as Abaddon ( Future Walt )I believe when Walt appears to Hurley as both Walt and Abaddon, he's does it to convince him to go back to the island, but he's also trying to find out what happened to his Dad, Micheal. As Abaddon, he asks Hurley "are they still alive?" As Walt he asks why they are lying. Hurley says they are lying to protect the others still on the Island. Walt then says, " Like my Dad?" When arranging the team with Naomi, she asks " What if we run into survivors of Flight 815?" Abaddon answers abruptly and sternly " There are NO survivors of Flight 815!" Walt knows at this point in time his father, Micheal (aka Kevin Johnson) will be on the same exact boat she will be on and does it to protect his father from whatever it is that's causing Hurely and the others to lie. Check out My other Blog on this page- " Walt Is Abaddon/and Will Take The Rule From Locke" . It goes into this theory in depth and re watch Abaddon episodes :) Walt liked the Island and didn't want to leave - hence burning the raft. But when Micheal told him if he really didn't want to go-they don't have to. Walt replied,"Yes we do". Just prior to that after John ask him why he burnt the raft and He tells John he likes it there, he touches John's hand and says "Don't do it Mr Locke, don't go in the Hatch thing." Demonstrating his powers to see the future by touching Locke.( He sees the Hatch exploding-which causes all the bad guys to see the Island ) He tells Micheal "yes we do" ( have to go on the raft) because he foresaw his captivity by the others and ultimately "his" escape. The word "Escape" implies doing something in and of yourself to get away. He knows getting off the Island is the only way he could help "Mr.Locke" get the others back to the Island after John kills himself-which is deja-vu, because Walt is the one who appeared to John as he was about to kill himself on the Island and tells him " John, get up". John says he can't feels his legs- which is triple deja-vu when Walt/Abaddon tells John to go on a "Walk about" and John says he can't cuz he's a cripple and Walt/Abaddon Says " is that what you are Mr.Locke." " When your ready Mr.Locke, youll do what I'm saying." "Then when you and I run into each other again, you'll owe me one." Mr Locke runs into Abaddon again (when he returns from the Island ) and visits Walt (future Abaddon - Does Locke repay the " You owe me one thing" to Walt/Abaddon, By telling him to lie to Naomi - in order to protect his Dad, aka Kevin Johnson and therefore changing the outcome of Micheal's Death? )Miss Klugh, Tom(aka Mr Friendly) Juliet and Ben refer to Walt as "Special." Ben says "Jacob" would never give up Walt in a trade, even for Ben Himself. But they all Allow him to escape. They allow it to convince the others(including John) to return to the Island on Flight "316" - Walt is now 13 years old (3-1 switched and they are "The Oceanic Six.")Hmmmmmmmmmm!

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