Young Walt is using his ability to transcend time and space ( by using his "Mind's Eye" ) to appear as himself ( at 13 yrs old )and as future Walt( aka Matthew Abaddon ). When Abaddon visits Hurley at Santa Rosa, there is a hand-drawn picture of an Island scene behind Abaddon. It looks scary and as if a an adult drew it. When Walt visits Hurley, there is a hand-drawn picture of an Island scene behind Walt that is very colorful and looks like a child drew it. This picture doesn't appear behind any other characters who visited Hurley and represents Walt appearing as himself and future Walt( aka-Abaddon ).I believe one of the reasons Walt appears as himself and Abaddon to Hurley, is to find out what happened to his Father, Micheal. Because he is young he might not have the power to see the future.( Like Locke) As Abaddon he asks Hurley, "are they still alive? As Walt, he ask Hurley why they are lying. Hurley said to protect the people still on the Island. Walt then ask, "like my Dad?" When arranging the team with Naomi, she ask Abaddon "What if we run into survivors of Flight 815?" Abaddon answers abruptly and sternly "There are NO survivors from Flight 815. Walt knows at this point in time His Father, Micheal (aka Kevin Johnson) will be on the same exact boat that she will be on and says that in order to protect Micheal from whatever it is that's causing Hurley and the others to lie. When returning from the island, Walt and Micheal get into a fight and Walt goes and lives with his Grandmother. Walt refuses to talk to or see Micheal. When Micheal runs into Tom ( aka Mr.Friendly - an "other") off the Island, Tom asks where Walt was. Micheal gave him a look and Tom knew right away that Micheal told Walt that he killed Ana Lucia and Libby. Why would Walt be so upset that they were killed? WALT NEVER MET ANA LUCIA OR LIBBY !!!! When Micheal meets the Tallies, Brings them back to camp and eventually kills Ana Lucia and Libby - Walt has been held captive the whole time by the others.(23 Days) Juliet was branded and banished because she killed one of her people.(Picket-another "other") John Locke couldn't kill " Jones "( Aka young Widmore ) as he tried to escape, because he was one of his "people". Walt is very upset that Micheal killed Ana Lucia and Libby, because they were perspective or already "others".(Goodwin was fighting on behalf of Anna to Ben and she would have joined them as an "other") and Libby (Who never had her own flashback, is very mysterious and sports the whole "bug eye-blank stare" that the others seem to share) Walt (Abaddon) is the future Leader of the "others" and by the "Other's Law" has to banish and not speak to anyone who kills one of them.( That's how Tom knew Micheal told Walt he killed them - Walt wasn't with him ) When Micheal goes to see Walt at his Mother's, Walt is looking at Micheal through a window as he leaves. Poor young Walt still loves his father. That's why he asks about his dad when the 6 return and tries to protect him from Naomi and the others, But as the future Leader of the Others-He has to follow the rules. Locke(aka Jeremy Bentham )returned from the Island and was the only one to visit Walt. I believe Locke told Walt, because of the Island skips, the original outcomes of time have changed. He tells Walt that he has to intervene by going forward/backwards in time to convince the others to return to the Island. This includes convincing John himself, who will have no memory of the Island when Matthew Abaddon visits him in the past. First words out of Abaddon's mouth before we even see him are " Don't give up Mr Locke." John replies " Excuse me." Abaddon then replies " I'm just saying, Don't give up." Abaddon strikes me as a very powerful and confident man, but when Locke rebuttals slightly - he backs away and said something that sounds like it came straight out of the mouth of a ten year old boy " I'm just saying...." Abaddon tells John he needs to go on a Walk About, because he (Abaddon) went on a Walk about ( Walt's time on the Island or as the case may be "EYELAND")and He found out what He was made of - Who He was. Locke says " And here you are an orderly." Abaddon replies " Oh I'm a lot more than an orderly John." Abaddon asks John "Do you believe in miracles Mr Locke?" The first time Locke and Walt speak on the Island, Locke asks Walt if he wants to know a secret. Later when Walt is talking to Micheal, he tells him that Mr Locke has a secret and He (Locke) said "a miracle happened to him." When speaking to Locke at the Hospital, He refers to him as both "Mr.Locke" (as an apprentice)and "John" (authority to Locke) John Locke's motto is, "Don't tell me what I can't do" and he doesn't take orders from no one.(ask His high school teacher, the people at the Walk-About, His Dad, Helen, Jack, Ben, Eko and countless others) But when the fate of his people and the Island (FACING ULTIMATE DOOM ) rests in the hands of their leader John Locke....Locke receives and executes orders from a 10 year old boy, that he knew for 2 months, that appeared taller? Locke takes the orders and executes them, because Walt is ( will become his authority-Abaddon ) Walt further displays his authority by calling him "John". When Walt appears to Locke at the Dharma grave site, only a month has gone by (In island time)that Walt left the Island. It is highly unlikely that Walt grew so much in a month, that Locke would notice and tells the others. Walt is taller because it's actually 3 years later, after Locke and the others came home. Walt travels back in time to tell John to get up, he has work to do, because Locke himself told him to do it. During one of Island's flashes in time, Locke sees the light coming out of the Hatch, He tells Sawyer the story and SAWYER SAYS WHY DON'T YOU GO TALK TO YOURSELF SO YOU CAN DO THINGS DIFFERENT THE NEXT TIME. As the current leader of the Others, John has a lot of work to do. He enlists the only person naturally qualified for the job - his old pal Walt. While on the Island , Locke tells Micheal " you need to let Walt realize his full potential." John knows Walt will be his leader one day. Walt was chosen at a young age to become the future leader. A Dharmacakra (A wheel with eight spokes-like the underground wheel on the Island )appeared on the ceiling of Susan Lloyd and Brian Porter's house in "Special". Walt was tested by Locke and "the others" when he was on the island ,but like Locke (when tested by Richard at an young age) wasn't ready. That's why when he appears to Shannon a few times, he spoke backwards - He couldn't control his powers very well. 3 years have passed and with the help from Locke - he's a Pro. ( In fact Abaddon sports a bald head like Locke and is his "Carbon Copy"..."two players one dark - one light"...Hmmmm ) Ben, Locke, and Walt's Fathers were all sacrificed to the Island in one way or another. The Island demands a sacrifice before you become a leader. That's why Micheal couldn't kill himself or be killed. It wasn't his time. But when the time came, Christian Shephard appeared to tell him he could "go now." ( You have to be pretty big or be related to someone big to get a visit from Christian Shephard) Buddhist believe the "wheel" (aka Dharmacakra) has to be turned 3 times when the Dharma is lost or forgotten. Ben turned it, Locke turned it's Walt's (Abaddon) turn. Let me Know what you think.

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