In " Dead is Dead " Ben tells young Danielle Rousseau....If you want your Daughter to live...avoid the our previous Blogs Oochoward and I said, The Smoke monster becomes who you wronged, to judge you..I went on to say the Whispers are the dead who were wronged.( Check out our other two blogs with the same title ) Ben knows the smoke monster brings judment and the Whispers are the dead....When he was speaking to Rousseau, it was a WARNING and said it in a way To PROTECT Alex....knowing What Widmoore said, If the Island wants your Daughter, she'll die......The Whispers are the dead, the one's who were wronged, If Rousseau stays away from the Whispers...Alex won't die.....Rousseau lasted 16 plus years by listening to Ben's warning.......until she trapped Ben in the net and shot him with the arrow, and told Sayid " he will LIE for a very long Time"...When Rousseau went by the Whispers..she was judged ( along with Carl) and Alex was killed.....Should have listened to Ben, Rousseau..................

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