ATTENTION READERS:( This blog contains a continuation from a prior blog under Recent Community Blogs: Richard is the God Anubis...(March 14) You need to read that blog first in order for that part in this blog to make sense.) Farraday and his mother Mrs Hawkins said Whatever happened...happened. But Mrs Hawkins warned Jack that things may become unpredictable. My point is, when Desmond told Charlie he was going to die, Charlie almost died 3 or 4 different ways...but the outcome was still the same. IT was because of DESMOND'S INTERVENTIONS - The WAY Charlie died CHANGED... THIS APPLIES TO THE OCEANIC 5 AND EVERYONE ON THE ISLAND. They're interventions are effecting how things happened -that lead up to the final outcome.( The final outcome is the "whatever happened..happened" Theory.) Because of their interventions: They are stuck in 1970's( Most of them were born in the 70's) Charlotte is born in 1974 instead of 1978 (Which the original time stated) Horace is married to Amy. Sawyer, Miles, Faraday, Juliet and Jin are now members of Dharma. Juliet and Sawyer are together, Sawyer hated Juliet up until this point.( He spent a lot of his time trying to prove she was a spy for Ben, now their living together in their own little " Love shack?"- Sawyer can hold a grudge for an extremely long time > hence carrying the letter around for over 20 years - Juliet and her people Kept him in a cage, beat him, Made him break rocks, Shocked him (including Juliet) and almost killed him - Juliet may have helped Kate and Sawyer escape the Hydra Island, but Sawyer still hated her when they returned - It would be easier for Sawyer to let Juliet go on the Sub 3 years prior, because it would be one less person to "Blow their cover" - Sawyer never struck me as someone who " Needs " back up - Especially if it was from a woman - look how he used all those women during one of his " Cons "...although being used by Sawyer wouldn't be such a bad thing :-) Ben and John are now no longer the" Big Men " on the Island and are on the Other Island (Possibly lost in other time - the boats and the bottle of water from 316 was found by the Survivors during one of the flashes-it was implied it was after the Oceanic six were rescued) And Jack (This is the Best one) has to take the "Follower" role to Sawyer....God I love it! Mrs Hawkins' warned Jack, to get as MANY of the original people to be on the plane...Nobody thinks that means Walt and Aaron? ( People have made a lot of references to Walt being "special" including John and Ben Themselves...but nobody brings him?....Aaron was BORN on the ISLAND for Crying out Loud!!! I think because of the Oceanic 5's lame attempt to create the same circumstances as before, it HAS BECOME UNPREDITABLE. Everyone seems to put all their faith into Farraday's "Whatever happened...happened" line, but no one seems to remember, when Ben asked Hawkins "What if we can't get all of them?" (Referring to he survivors of flight 815) Mrs Hawkin says " Then God help us all. " They didn't get all of them! (The Producers and writers like to keep thing fresh and new...If things happened the SAME way they did before,it would be dull and boring with no " Shock" value...And the thought that the flashes are just a way to fill in the gaps (all though the history is cool)would become a boring Documentary. My theory concerning this breaks down into three part: What happened originally, What intervention caused it to change ( Because it has become unpredictable) and what has to happen to make the outcome the same final outcome as before... (The whatever happened..happened theory) Take the Olivia Goodspeed mystery....WHAT HAPPENED ORGINALLY: (Based on my personal theory - this is the part that you really need to read my other blog: Richard is the God Anibus.....(March 14) in order for it to make sense) Richard and Amy were together and had a Child in 1977/Hurley... Horace and Olivia were married and childless (Ben and Richard team up) and they died in the purge in 1992. WHAT INTERVENTION CAUSED IT TO CHANGE: Sawyer and Juliet intervene/ they killed the hostiles and free Amy who then married Horace.( Horace never marries Olivia) The Hostile were killed (because of the time skips - at the present time there is no Ben) So, this start the being of the purge, because the truce has been broken. Sawyer intervenes again - stopping the purge for now. WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN TO MAKE IT THE SAME OUTCOME AS THE FINAL OUTCOME: Richard need to get Amy Pregnant - As I said Prior I think Richard is the God Anubis - Amy keeps the Ankl - she is a follower of Anubis and the Ankl is a form of Worship. Seeing the necklace- Horace (The God Horus in the flesh) gets jealous and questions if Amy is over her almost marriage to Richard/ Anubis. When he asks "can someone get over someone in three years" he is referring to Amy getting over Richard/Anubis - not Paul. (you really need to read other Blog) Horace is mad because he realizes that the baby is not his.(After he found the Ankl Necklace)So, in my opinion the outcome is the same - Hurley is still born to Amy and Richard. But Horace/Horus Knowing his wife had Richard/Anubis confronts Richard and this starts the purge (Because at this time there is still no Ben ) So, even though the events that lead up up to the purge has changed the outcome is still the same-(For example: The final outcome is Charlotte was born - but the events that lead up to it now changed - even though she is born... it's the wrong time )The thing is every time the Survivors intervene, because of it is now unpredictable - what ever happened on the Island has to happen according to WHAT THE ISLAND WANTS. Remember Micheal trying to kill himself? He couldn't do it when he wanted to...the Island wouldn't let him - Maybe it is the Island that wanted Hurley to come back to take over Richard's position (As Richard's / Anubis' son is quite qualified) and Olivia Goodspeed was a sacrifice to the Island. I really think Ben and Locke are now out of the picture.....Whatever your theory is...Just realize that Olivia Goodspeed is gone, because of the intervention of Sawyer and Juliet.

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