In Egypt along the Giza strip is the Golden Sphinx. ( The one Hurley was painting in the picture - at Santa Rosa...Santa Rosa was named after a woman who heard voices of the dead - Hurley sees and speaks to the dead. )According to Egyptian History, under the Golden Sphinx is the Chamber of The God Anubis. The Ancient statue seen on the Island is Anubis along with the engraving on the wall at the Temple. ( The kneeling Jackal/dog is Anubis...He is looking at the drawing of the smoke monster - Cerberus )( Cerberus is a three headed dog ) Richard is the God Anubis...The God of time and the dead and his Father Osiris is also the God of the dead. The family "business" states it is both of them that Judge the dead......( Refer to my other blog - To Me: Anubis... for Egyptian quotes, about The God Anubis and his Father Osiris and their Judgement....also refer to innocent dead Ben's spirit is Jacob for more Fun facts about Egypt and LOST. If your really serious I have a full blog all about the Island and Richard, The God Anubis...that goes into great details about Lost, the Island and it's connection to Egypt, just let me know :-) I don't, however, have any information about the Smoke Monster turning out to be an Ancient Toilet'll have to address the writers on LOST about that.......... :-) Get um freaky lil' Jackal...Jackals/dogs guarded the burial sites...... The God Anubis' statue has the head of a Jackal(dog) and the body of a man...To me Richard always had a canine look to his facial features...dark eyes, scruffy face and tilts his head when he listens to something doesn't understand...but when he attacks...look out!...(Alex and Cerberus too!) Who let the Dogs out...woof!!!...woof...woof...woof ( I actually think Alex's body was possessed by the smoke what happened to Yemmi when he judged Eko )

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