I used different sources on the web and put together the following theory - all the Egyptian Mythology is not made-up by the author of this Blog - the comparisons of Richard and Horace being Gods are the theories of the the Blogs Author)The ancient Egyptian Gods Anubis and Horus were cousins/brothers. Anubis' Mother the Goddess Nephthys and Horus' Mother the Goddess Iris were twin sisters-(they both shared Iris' Husband the God Osiris - the biological father of both Anubis and Horus.(Egyptian Mythology states that Horus was hid on a movable Island named "Chemmis" by Iris.-I used references to Iris raising and hiding Anubis and placed him on the Island "Chemmis" before Horus. Iris hid them both from Set - aka Seth) Set was Nephthys' Evil husband. Nephthys was childless. Because Iris and Nephthys were twins - they tricked Osiris to sleep with Nephthys(Thinking she was Iris)to give Nephthys a child. After his birth, Nephthys thought Anubis was not he child for her - his nature wasn't evil (The thing that attracted her to Set)He lacked a wild temper and chaotic nature. Iris found the Abandoned Anubis and raised him-hiding him from Set.(But Anubis never got full credit for being Osiris's ) a little bit later, Set killed Osiris and took over his throne. Iris magically conceived Horus after Her husband's murder. It is my theory that Long ago two Gods who were brothers/Cousin were place on the same movable Island and fought against each other for ultimate control.The entrance of this place was in Egypt. Once they went through the portal, there was a lake with the Island "Chemmis" in it. This is the same portal that Ben and Locke came out of in Tunisia. Although the entrance has yet to be shown.( I believe the entrance from Egypt was in/under water-that's how Dharma used sub's and boats-to leave the Island) Tunisia was a part of Ancient Egypt.( although it wasn't called that at the time ) The Goddess Iris hid them there because it was through a secret way out of Egypt into a special place with a island that "moved", that Enabled her to hid them so well from the God Set. Anubis (Richard Alpert) is the God of the dead. He is a man with a dog/jackal head. His ears are vertical,as if to hear with canine precision.(I believe that the four toed statue on the Island is Anubis) His eyes are made of Calcite (White) and Obsidian(Black)-"the eyes of Horus"(Anubis and Horus have the same eyes) Anubis is the God of orphans,travelers and the lost. Egyptian personification of "time".(This description fits Richard to a tee - he also seemed to have an Egyptian quality about him - Egyptian kings and Gods wore eyeliner.)Because Anubis (Richard) was on the Island before Horus( Horace Goodspeed )he set up his statue for all to worship. When he took human form, the statue was destroyed, leaving the eyes of the statue-the black and white stones and a foot(to remind Horace-Horus who stepped on the Island first Richard-Anubis.) Iris then sends Horus (Horace Goodspeed) to the Island. The God Horus has a head like a red Falcon-he was said to be studded from the waist down, because he was born after his father's death or perhaps was premature.( This is according to Egyptian myth but being born premature follows The Island code of leaders- even Horace Goodspeed's son)I believe upon the arrival of the Dharma initiative, Horus resurrected from the dead in the form of a man (Horace Goodspeed ) and got rid of the original leaders of Dharma and took their place. The temple of the God Horus is said to be on the Island of Chemmis. Horus is personification of the rising Sun and is associated with resurrection.(Resurrection is also seen in the case of John Locke and possibly Christian Shephard - though I don't think it has been established whether or not Christian is a "spirit" or actually resurrected.) Horace/Horus took over the Dharma initiative, before The Others - to form an army of Horace/Horus follower's to defeat Richard (Anubis) - As seen in La Fleur, the Dharma dummies blindly followed Horace/Horus. The Dharma people were clueless to the real Horus and dug his "hippy dippy" ways.( Plus they probably had one to many "brownies" ) Horace's red hair looks like the color of a falcon or fire (the sun). Horace Goodspeed is the personification of a red headed falcon or the "rising Sun" - so he doesn't look Egyptian like Richard. Because he resurrected he is technically alive in human form and does age(unlike Richard who stays at the same age as when he ruled. as the God of time is (himself) timeless in appearance) Horace(Horus)is the personification of the "rising sun". ( a big fire ball...Gods got mad and used fire) Because he is in human form can't summon powers. So we uses dynamite to blow things up. When the two encounter each other in "La Fleur" (Richard strolls into the Barrack and Horace strolls out with his hands in his packets) they appear to be some what familiar with undertones of sarcasm in their interactions- that of two powerful brothers - neither backing down. Because of the "truce" they can not kill each other (In order to keep the "truce "Horace gives Richard the body of Paul- which is a very appropriate gift for the God of the dead.... Their mother The Goddess Iris won't let them kill each other or in some other fashion, get rid of the other -because they are both technically dead to begin with) they must enlist someone else to kill the other one...but unfortunately they both enlist the same person- Ben Linus. Horace (Horus)convinces Ben's father to come to the have his child Ben(Who 's birth Horace witnessed - judging Ben's power as a leader at a young age ) eventually kill Richard (Anubis). But unfortunately for Horace( Horus)- Richard (Anubis-god of the Dead) pulls out his Trump card by Summoning Ben's dead Mother to appear...Which gets Ben "mama boy" Linus to go with Richard (Anubis)Horace is very upset with Amy because her late Husband had an Ankl necklace (which she had hidden)the Ankl was a form a worship to Anubis. Because she kept it- this was a slap in the face to Horace( Horus) I believe that the baby is not Horace's(Horus) but is Richard's (Anubis) Amy kept the Ankl necklace and was a true worshipper of Richard ( Anubis) The Baby born in 1977 with curly hair like his mother and with the ability to see and speak to the dead like his father is...... Hurley.( Look at the picture of Hurley when he was 10 years old on his main page - he looks like Amy - not to a tee - but there is a resemblence )In the words of John Locke " your coming with us (Locke and Ben ) Hurley, because you can see the cabin and that makes you special." The cabin was built by Horace "so he and the Misses had some where to go." When Hurley looks in the window...I believe it is his (Hurley's) eye looking back-that's what freaks him out! The Island Chemmis was said to have the temple of the God "Apollo" on it. After the Apollo Candy Co fell into bankruptcy in the 1970's, Alvar Hanso bought exclusive rights to the Apollo candy bar - Which solely existed as a provider to the Hanso Co. ( You couldn't get an Apollo candy bar anywhere else unless you worked for the Hanso Co.) Before Hurley's "Father" David left (for 17 years) He gave Hurley An Apollo Candy Bar - This was in 1987. Hurley's "Father" David was on the Island with the Dharma initiative, because that's the only place you could get an "Apollo" candy bar during the 1980's! Hurley was painting a picture of an Egyptian scene with a Sphinx when John Locke came to see him at Santa Rosa....Abaddon visited Hurley too.(Abaddon means the Guardian of the Underworld-the dead)Ben had someone following him outside Santa Rosa...Hurley is more "special" than all of them being the son of The God Anubis (Richard).....................Ok "Namaste" just aired (March18) and the baby is.....Ethan?!?...Ethan Goodspeed? I believe that because of the Survivor's interventions.... things have become "unpreditable" like Mrs.Hawkin' warned Jack. Because Hurley is ON the Island in 1977...the baby changed to Ethan ( Ethan Goodspeed)The finale outcome is still same....Hurley is on the Island in 1977...just not as the baby...because he is already there...He can still Be Richard's/Anibus' just not born in 1977......

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