After the last episode, I've realized if it wasn't for Locke - The one's left on the Island would be dropping like flies/ the Island would be lost in the cosmos!( Widmore,Hawking and Ben would be sitting in the corner sucking there thumbs)and the Oceanic Six- who all selfishly refused to help their "friends" and are filled with extreme delusions of Granger - would eventually cause their own demise - If it wasn't for Locke....Charlie would never have had the courage to quit doing drugs,therefore never being able to help "save the others" by swimming down to turn off the radio signal and telling the others "It Not Penny's boat." If it wasn't for Locke...Keamy and his crew would have marched right on the Island and killed them all in a massacre. If it wasn't for Locke And his need to prove the button was a fake, Desmond would have never had to turn the "fail safe key" causing it to explode therefore having Penny Locate it AND THEREFORE SAVING THE UNGRATFUL SIX. I could go on, but I think it would be more fun to create, a IF WASN'T FOR LOCKE..... LIST. To finally prove once and for all, that John Locke is more than just a sad little orphaned crippled Pawn...He is more important Than all of them combined. So, feel free to contribute to the List. IF IT WASN'T FOR LOCKE.......

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