Does IL - ana = IL - annie. Ilana looks alot like Annie. We never heard what happened to Annie. One thing I noticed when they showed Dharma after the purge, when they showed the dead Dharma bodies..there were no dead Dharma children shown. (that always struck me odd - with the swing sets and all) When they show the Losties in the 70's there's a few kids running around. I always thought they somehow get the Kids off the Island before the Purge or after the " incident "...on the Subs possibly. Let's say Ben was 12 and Ilana was 7 or 8...(Girls mature fast)..she'd be around 37 or 38. Maybe she was taken somewhere (Like Guam or some other Latino country - she picks up the Accent, as a cover or from many years there, she gets it. ) and the family who "Hired" her was actually the family that adopted her. The man Sayid Killed might have been her adopted father...Ben had Sayid kill all of Widmoore's " men " supposedly, but what if he was tying up all the loose ends of the adopted parents of the children of Dharma, knowing Widmoore could track them down to try to find the Island somehow. Ben and the Purge causes Ilana to lose her real parents and now Ben has Sayid kill her adopted father. What if Ilana is there to seek revenge on Ben and is the one shooting at Locke and the others during the time flash in the outriggers...She shoots at them, because she thinks Ben is in the boat... someone else tells her Ben and Locke were together.(When Ben shot Ceasar)Ben and Ilana interacted ,but didn't seem like they knew each other, But Ben is a liar and Ilana seems smart and has her own agenda. Along with Bram, who could be a Dharma kid too. Ilana asks Lapidus " What lies in the shadow of the Statue ?" If she is referring to the Egyptian Statue on the Island what lies in the SHADOW is the WELL.( Where Miles and the Bunch saw the Statue, when Sawyer couldn't get down the well to help Locke )Charlotte knew about the well too. ( We never heard of the well up to this point, until Charlotte mentioned it) Maybe as the purge grew closer or after the "incident " the Parents told the children to go to the well ,that had the wheel under it to get off the Island. They made up a riddle - the question. Charlotte says, she remembers Faraday and he told her and her mother to get off the Island ( We seen Faraday by the wheel in the Orchard ) Faraday takes them to the well and he turns the wheel to save Charlotte , Annie ( Ilana )some of the parents, along with the other Dharma kids (Including little Miles) who go to 1977, off the Island. When we see, Faraday crying in the present (In an earlier episode) maybe that's where he ended up in 2007, Like the others in 2007, but off the Island...he is the only one out off the group, that ended up in the present 2007 off the Island, because once you turn the wheel, you can't come back. Jack: Faraday's here? Sawyer: Not anymore. When he sees the report about all of Flight 815's bodies being found in the plane at the bottom of the ocean, this sparks a memory, but he doesn't know why. He's Brain is fried from too much temporal time displacement.( After he turned the wheel - this caused Jack,Hurely,Kate and Sayid to jump into 1977 - the others in 1977 weren't affected this time...being there for 3 years ) She asked Lapidus the question, to see if he was one of the Dharma kids returning, like her, Bram, and possibly some of the others stranded on the Island in 2007 with 316. She uses Sayid to get on the plane with Ben, seeing Sayid with the Oceanic 6 on the news, once there she sees the others from flight 815 and knows she going back to the Island for sure. They could be there to find out what happened to their Dharma parents and hunt down Ben ( She's a Bounty hunter) to kill him , as revenge for killing both sets of parents... one of the guys told Lapidus, " Ilana and the others got guns, she said they're in charge now." ( The Dharma kids are incharge now, to avenge their parents deaths ) Right when she's about to take Ben out, she throws him the other doll and shoots him in the heart, for taking her heart....She is the only one that showed Ben kindess when he got to the Island ( She knows because the Purge or Because of the "incident", she has to leave and gives him the doll for his Birthday) he repays her by killing both sets of her parents...let me know what you think....

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