He looked a lot like Hurley? I mean come old was his mother when she had him...49 ? This is why she Believed Hurley's crazy story and the the Virgin Mary and Jesus, she always knew Hurley was special and came from a special place, but actually wasn't hers. And his father is always running off all the time.( How old is Cheech? about 67) When he leaves for 17 years, he gives Hurley an Apollo candy bar, which is quite strange considering The Hanso co. bought the exclusive rights of the Apollo candy bar in the 1970's, being the only distributor of the Apollo candy bar. Hurley's dad gives him one in 1987, when Hurley was ten, before he leaves. The only place you could get an Apollo Candy Bar, is on the Island in the 1980's. David Reyes was a part of Dharma and came home once and awhile on the subs. He gave his wife lil' baby Hugo, to keep her quiet about Dharma...the other kids were grown up and she was alone... Hurley was BORN in 1977 on the Island...his mother Andrea became sick and died...when his Father, Hugo " Hurley " Alvarez Sr., THOUGHT of his WIFE..lil' baby Hurley's BAD LUCK ( Actually it was BIG Hurley's curse ) that caused his father's filling to fly out of his mouth and kill him, because his father, Hugo " Hurley " Alvarez Sr., was the one that was SUPPOSE TO chisel in the NUMBERS on the hatch....That's why our Hurley has that nick name..."HURLEY" doesn't sound Hispanic like Alvarez and Hugo Reyes...but it's because Hurley caused his father's filing to hurl out of his mouth into his head...ouch!...."HURLEY"......Which would be ironic, that Hurley was asking Miles about his dad, as Hurley's REAL dad was dead in the Van, in front of him....Some people have speculated, that Hurley's voice is heard on the walkies, that picked up the numbers during the french science team's scene. They have speculated it was Hurley saying the numbers...Is this homage to his real Daddy with a hole in his head?...Did he die and become Hurley's bird?...screeching his name?( kidding about the bird, but who knows)...Miles Mother had a black horse over her death bed...Kate encountered a Black horse on and off the Island...was that Miles' Mom?..............Kidding...But can YOU think of the other animals and living things, the Losties and the others on/off the Island might be?.... I think, Vincent is definitely Jacob...Kate is the Medusa spider, that Artz introduced, she strikes her victim and Paralyses them, then all the male spiders come running to kill them for her..........Now it's YOUR turn. What character - animal/living thing combo can you come up with? Be fun and creative ? This is a 2 question post ;-)

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