Hawkings warned Jack that if he didn't convince as many people that were on Flight "815" to return and create the same circumstances as before, the out come would be unpredictable. Aaron and Walt should have made Flight"316"( They were on flight "815"-Aaron was in Claire's womb,but technically on the plane and Both are considered "special" in one way or another THEIR MEER PRESENCE MAY HAVE MADE A MORE FAVORABLE OUTCOME FOR JACK,LOCKE SAWYER AND THE OTHERS) Ben,Frank,Ilana and Ceasar were not on Flight "815" and that changed the circumstances. As I was Watching "La Fleur, I realized THE OUTCOME HAS CHANGED AND THE ORGINAL TIMELINES ARE DIFFERENT> THE OCEANIC 5, THE ONE'S ON THE ISLAND, DHARMA, THE HOSTILES AND TIME ITSELF ARE NOW UNPREDICTABLE!!!!!!!Goodspeed is now married to a different woman.Charlotte is 2-3 years old in 1974(When the prior timeline has her born in 1978)And Sawyer loves Juliet?(I think I'm going to puke)EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED PRIOR IS NOW UNPREDICTABLE!Can't wait to see what the future brings!

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