When we see Faraday in the first episode of the season he is at the Orchard in the 70's...what if Faraday (seeing little baby Charlotte) decides the only way to save her..knowing If "Whatever happened...Happened"....She was bound to return to the Island as an adult and die...Faraday takes matters into his own hands and spins the wheel one more time.....throwing away all that he believes in.... IN THE NAME OF LOVE....Not knowing if he did this, he would never be able to return to the Island (like Ben said) and is now stuck with the others in 2007. Jack: Faraday's here? Sawyer: Not anymore.....Let's take a look see on what would happen if Faraday was now out of the the picture....well, He and Charlotte turned off the the Gas at the Tempest...that never happened if he is now out of the picture....He told them to Bury the H-Bomb....that never happened now that he is out of the picture too....Ethan and Goodwin originally worked at the tempest and were Ben's puppets..The Gas at the tempest is what killed the Dharma people originally...Goodwin had a chemical burn that Juliet treated...When Faraday was in 1954, he noticed the burn on the one guy's arm....Now that Faraday's out of the picture and because he turned the wheel - time jumps, but bring them back to 1977. The flash of light that takes Hurley ,Jack ,Kate and Sayid off the plane and puts them into 1977 is the result of Daniel turning the wheel..They Jumped in time instead of the others -Sawyer ,Miles , Jin and Juliet ( who weren't effected by the flash this time...Hurley,Jack, Kate and Sayid are NOW the jumpers ) Because of the time lapse-that Faraday showed during his experiment, the others left on the plane landed on the Hydra Island in 2007. This includes Sun, But why?... I believe it is because her daughter was conceived on the Island and Aaron who was born on the Island...are bound to the Island.. both are with Sun's Mother...Sun is the key in bringing them back, possibly Walt too...Sun and Walt had a connection on the Island, watching him for Micheal.......Is Sun a complete "bad ass" or what?....Thump....Down goes Ben ( one of the best scenes ever!!!)....... Now most of our Losties are left in 1977, but as we've seen the prior jumps in time always have a deadly result - killing most of them aka "Deadly Nosebleed Syndrome"...Locke told Jack if they didn't come back " they all would die," but he didn't say how "......Let's say the purge actually begins in 1978 ( The last date on the picture of the Dharma people )...Ethan is now only a little baby...although Horace and Amy seemed very hip...I don't see them allowing their newborn to be involved in some kind of mass let's see, what weapon could they use somehow that could kill all of Dharma....hmmmm.....there seems to be a H-bomb that no one seemed to bury... I don't know if it goes off...But, when Ceasar is in the Hydra station ( in 2007 ) there is a Time magazine dated in the 50's that shows a H-bomb going off....In 2007 the Dharma ville looks all burned up....Which is totally ironic, because that is Dharma's purpose to begin stop the the destruction of civilization by coming up with the equation...hence the "numbers". I truly believe this is all related some how....let me know what you think...

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