Who "got caught up in the net" with whom?

Okay, we've had the conspiracy theories, the theological discussions, the philosophical discussions, and the mythological discussions about Lost. Now, lets get right to the "gossip" and talk about who "got caught up in a net" with who! We know about Kate/Jack and Kate/Sawyer. Sawyer/Ana Lucia. Sawyer/Juliet. Shannon/Boone. Shannon/Sayid. Etc. Etc. But what about Hurley/Libby? Jack/Juliet? Charlie/Claire? Christian/Ana Lucia? Christian/Sara? Ben/Juliet? Did they "hook up" or not? What do ya think about these or any other "pairings" I might have missed? BTW: I'm not counting any "afterlife hookups"(Sawyer/Charlotte). Lets just stay with reality for now, shall we?

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