Okay. Let's imagine that YOU were in charge of the Losties in the first season. What five things would you have done differently than what Jack and/or Locke did? My five would be--

1. Let Michael trudge off and look for Walt! Don't go after him! Two less mouths to feed and worry about!

2. Form a group and go over and beat the crap outta Sawyer and get all that stuff he was hoarding! Possession maybe nine-tenths of the law back where you came from Hoss, but not here!

3. Get Shannon, Claire, and even Hurley, off their butts and start pulling their weight! Don't care if Claire is pregnant or not, if she can walk along the beach, she can work! (At least Locke made her help him make Aaron's cradle.)Take Shannon's nail file and polish away until she starts helping and take Hurley's Discman away (even before the batteries died.)

4. Don't depend upon Locke to hunt boar. Get Kate to do it! She brags she's an expert tracker and she knows how to handle a gun, so I'm sure she'd do just fine with a knife!

5. Confine Jack to the camp! He's the only Doctor. He can't go running after people to bring them back! (Locke once suggested that but to no avail!)

Of course, if they all listened to me, it wouldn't of been a very interesting series, but man, this is survival we're talking about! Ya know? So what five things would you have done differently or would you of just followed in their footsteps?

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