Okay, despite what all the writers and all the producers have said, you and I know that one of these days something Lost oriented is gonna come along! Come on, they've got a built in audience just waiting! Be it a movie or mini-series its gonna happen! Maybe not real soon but give it time! Now, the questions I have for you is this! Do you even want another Lost show? Would you rather see a prequel featuring maybe new actors playing our favorite characters at younger ages at some point in the past? (Not the flashbacks we've already seen) Or would you rather see some type of sequel? Maybe their new adventures off island or something like Lost: The Next Generation! As for me, honestly, I rather they leave well enough be! The show has ended, don't ruin its memory by trying to duplicate it! But the almighty dollar rules, so if they can get some ratings and make some money off the back of the original show, mark my words they will!

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