Awhile back someone was on here promoting a new series Once Upon a Time by some former Lost writers. They were pointing out all the little Lost "references" that was going to be featured in the show and would all us Lost fans please take a look. From what I had read and seen of the show I thought it was pretty stupid and said so on that blog. Well, I saw the show last night and I was wrong. It was even stupider that I could of imagined.

I won't get into the "storyline" itself but will refer to all the Lost "references". The town's clock is stuck on 8:15. (Big woop!) The main character name is Emily (like Locke's Mom) and when her mother (Snow White, in a flashback) starts to give birth to her, Snow White screams during childbirth "I can't have this baby right now!" or words to that effect. (Can we all say Claire?). Of course there is talk of this baby being special and in danger (Aaron?) so they put the baby in a magic tree like box and it disappears. (Ben's Magic box, anyone?)

The Wicked Witch's (or whoever she's supposed to be) address in the modern world is 108. (Real clever, huh?) There is the obligatory scene of a close up of an eye that suddenly opens. And when a "curse" attacks Snow White and Prince Charming's castle it looks suspiciously like the Smoke Monster. (I didn't know that "curses" took physcial form. Learn something new everyday, I guess).

And the whole living in an alternative reality and having no memory of their past and that they are actually living in an alternative reality is too much like the afterlife of Lost.

No, as I've said before, if I want Lost references I'll watch Lost. Lost treated its viewers with intelligence and respect. This show is dumb and acts that way and insults its viewers. It may be created by former Lost writers but they rip themselves off and in the process waste the time of any former Lost fan. As a kid I wasn't really into fairy tales and I'm not going to start now. If you've got an hour to spare, take my advice, and watch a rerun of Lost and don't waste your time on this crap!

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