After much devoted study and tireless research, I have discovered that not only, as some other Lostologists have discovered, that there was hidden meanings behind the character’s names in Lost, but also there was a casting conspiracy from the Lost producers and casting directors, as to which actor was destined to play which part. Once I reveal to you this incredible discovery, you will be shocked and amazed as to how it was right in our face and/or hidden in plain sight all along!

This new information will better serve as to our ever increasing enjoyment of Lost and the utter genius behind this program that started way before the casting call was even published. It was as if destiny and fate played their mysterious hand in the creation and production of this amazing show! So now, relax, make sure you’re sitting down, as I reveal to you the results of my amazing journey into this labyrinth we call Lost!

First off, Matthew Fox was, of course, cast as Jack. The name Matthew is from the combination Greek/Hebrew of Mattithyah meaning “Gift of God!” Jack, as it turned out was a “gift of God” when he defeated the evil of the black smoke that threatened ultimately the world! Wait! There’s more! Fox by definition is a “sly and crafty” creature. Jack was, in the final analysis, very sly and crafty when he defeated the Man In Black!

Next, Evangeline Lily as Kate. The name Evangeline is of French/Late Latin origin. It is a variation of Evangelium which means “Gospel.” Although Kate lied to survive, she was consistent in her lies she “preached,” so thus she “preached” a false gospel to survive but a gospel nonetheless! And, get this! Her last name, Lily, is Latin/Greek/Anglo Saxton meaning “delicacy”. Kate was, despite her troubles, very delicate. Now, combine that with a water lily that is surrounded by water, well you don’t need a PhD in Lostology to realize the character Kate, on the island, was obviously surrounded by water! Amazing, huh?

Now what about Sawyer, you may ask? Well, Josh Holloway, of course, was cast. The name Josh is a variation of Joshua, which is Hebrew meaning “help of God.” Sawyer had the biggest personality turn around of any character. He went from selfish to giving with the help of the island as a metaphor for God! Incredible, huh?

Now, the next name really blew my mind! Henry Ian Cuisack was Desmond, right? Well, get this! Henry is an Old High German variation of “Haganrih” which means “Ruler of an Enclosure!” Wow! Desmond was certainly ruler of his enclosure down in the hatch, right?

As for Ben Linus, played to perfection by Michael Emerson, Michael is Hebrew/Greek and a variation of Mikhael meaning “who is like God.” Obviously, Benjamin Linus thought he was like God! You’re freaked out by now like I was, huh?

Terry O’Quinn was, of course, Locke. Terry is a Latin variation of Terrence, who was the name of a Roman general. That discovery just floored me!! I mean, Locke acted like some type of general over the Others and just about everyone else and remember, to top it all off, Latin was what the Others spoke! Incredible!

Jeff Fahey was cast as Frank Lapidus. Now I would say that Frank was one of the most mellow characters in Lost. I mean he really, for the most part, kept his cool! Well, did you know that Jeff is a variation of Godfrey which means “the Peace of God!” My jaw dropped when I discovered that one!

Elizabeth Mitchell was Juliet Burke. Did you realize that Elizabeth is a Latin/Hebrew name that means “God is my Oath?” Juliet took an oath as a doctor to always help others and in essence do “God’s work”.

Next is Maggie Grace as Shannon. Maggie is an Old French variation of Margaret which means, “A Pearl”. She was a “pearl” in my eyes and she ended up dead within miles of Pearl station! Grace is an Old French/Latin variation of Gratia which translates to “Pleasing”. Shannon was pleasing to the eyes!

Ian Sommerholder as Boone. Ian is a variation of the name John, which is derived from Greek (Ioannu) and Hebrew (Yehohan) which means “Lord is Gracious.” Now, Boone was gracious in his handling of Shannon and he was destined to follow John, as in John Locke! Se the connection?

Rebecca Madder as Charlotte. Rebecca is Greek/Hebrew meaning “noose” Obviously, Charlotte felt like she had a “noose” around her neck that was “pulling her” back to the island!

Cynthia Waltros as Libby. Cynthia is a Greek variation of the name (Kynthia) which means “Goddess of the Moon.” Hurley definitely felt she was a Goddess no doubt!

Jeremy Davis as Daniel. Jeremy is a variation of Jeremiah a Late Latin/Hebrew word meaning “the Lord loosens from the womb!” The womb symbolizes Motherhood and Daniel definitely had mother issues! Don’t you know?!

And finally we have Jorge Garcia as Hurley. Jorge a Spanish pronunciation of George which is Late Latin and French for Earth/ Base/Work. Hurley was “down to earth” in his personality and ended up the new “base” for the island! He promised he would “work” hard to be the keeper of the island.

So this is the end to my first round of discovery. One more thing. I discovered an “inside joke” that maybe the producer/director/ and co-creator J.J. Abrahms was subconsciously aware of or not. But dynamite figured prominently in the storyline of Lost, right? Well, when you think of dynamite, who do you think of. Of course, J.J. from the old TV show “Good Times”! His catch phrase was always, “Dynomite!” So J.J. Abrahms had to include dynamite as a driving force in the Lost narrative!

That all I have time for now! I’ll keep researching and get back to you! I hope you were as astonished as I was when I discovered all of this. As you can see Lost was more than a TV show. It was a destiny for all involved!

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