• Jack dyce

    These are some small things I do not get after the finale. You may well say that I lack imagination (as many of the more salvish fans have), but I think I am justified in wondering these.

    1) What was the point of the island all along. If the worst that was going to happen was that it would sink, who cares?

    2) Locke/MIB, was also the smoke monster. But he was killed by Jack kicking him off a cliff. At any point he could have turned to smoke to kill anyone he wanted, or just escape. Him saying, in an earlier episode, that he 'liked to feel the ground beneath his feet', is not at all a good enough get out clause.

    3) So in the end, I would like to know not, 'what they died for' but, what did I watch for. Overall I liked 5 seasons, but looking bac…

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