--Benjamin Blackwood 16:59, May 24, 2010 (UTC) I must say, when I say the ending to LOST, and I watched as Jack closed his eyes at the very place where he started:

I was humbled, bewildered and confuded, but I was also thoroughly satisfied. The ending of LOST has had many strange impacts in it, and I feel I must elaborate. Some things are clear, some things make no sense at all, and some things will never be answered... I want to know:

The Flash-Sideways Universe

What is the flash-sideways universe, exactly? Is it some sort of netherworld where the specific survivors go when they die? Is it a place where their conscience and soul (But not their memories) go when they pass on because of their special relartionships with the Island? Please help me elaborate. Also, I'm probably not the only one bothered by this, but:

Hurley becoming the leader of the Island was a load of BS

No, not Hurley getting the job, Hurley getting the job was something I saw coming, I have nothing against Hurley and the job fits (But somehow doesn't fit as much as Jack). I'm talking about how:

A) Jack just takes a water bottle,

B) Dips it in the nearest dirty puddle, regardless of how "magical" it is,

C) Doesn't say any magic words,

and D) Just hopes that it works.

Why do I have a feeling Hurley just kept going, thinking he was immortal, could teleport around and bring people to the Island like Jacob could just because Jack did something similar to him as Jacob did to Jack? Please help me elaborate.

The Man in Black could have died better

Sure, there's nothing more fun (And sometimes funny) when someone gets shot and kicked off the side of a cliff (Especially when it's the Bad Guy), but when I think about it, I really wish he had actually fallen off the cliff and into the water. That would somehow symbolize how only in death did he leave the Island, as his lifeless body was carried across the sea and off the Island. It would also seem more memorable. Please, Elaborate.

What do you think? I'm still confused... (Also, please don't critisize on spelling issues).

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