I do hope I'm not double posting... Short and simple: What are your ten favorite quotes/phrases/conversation of the seires? My list:

1. "I wish you had believed in me"

- John Locke

2. "Wait a second... We're not goin' to Guam, are we?"

- Frank Lapidius

3. "If we can't live together, then we're gonna die alone"

- Jack

4. "I'll see you in another life, brotha!"

- Desmond

5. Conversation:

"Why did you come back, Jack? Why do you find it so hard to believe?"

"Why do you find it so easy?!


- Jack and John Locke

6. Conversation: "What about me?!"

"...What about you?"

- Ben and Jacob

7. Dude...

- You know who

8. "...He wants us to move the Island"

- John Locke

9. The Conversation between Ben and the Man in Black regarding John Locke in LA X part 1, namely the quote:

"Well, that's the great irony here, Ben, because... I want the one thing John Locke didn't... I want to go home."

- Flock and Ben


- Michael

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