• I know scene 1 is a little bit short but you get the idea and i know the end should be the end but this is just a little bit of fun with it and sorry for any grammar.


Scene 1

Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Frank, Miles and Richard are all on the plane and minutes after they take off the plane's fuel starts dripping out of the plane into the ocean. They pull out life jackets and jump out of the plane before the plane crashes into the ocean.

Scene 2

They all drag themselves out of the ocean to the beach, the same beach they originally crashed in on flight 815 and kate wanting to find Jack decides to go through the jungle through the bamboo trees to the place where the source is where Jack last said to her that is where he will be. Kate, Sawyer, Frank, and Richard go through the jungle to find Jack and Ben and Hurley while miles and claire, as they said they cant face going into the jungle again Kate looks ahead and sees Jack on the ground and sees that he is dead while then Sawyer, Frank, and Richard find out he is dead and they are all upset. Suddenly there is a noise in the bushes which makes them alarmed but it turns out to be Hurley, Ben and Desmond and then they are happy to see them but then sees Jack on the floor and Hurley then tells them that he can bring he back but they must take him to the temple like they did with Sayid

Scene 3

They made a stretcher for Jack's body and they all went to the temple, they got to the temple and they enter while seeing the remaining others have returned to the temple and have put Cindy in charge of them, Cindy invites them in and tells them they better hurry up because it might be already late, they bring him to the pool and they took his body under the water in order for the process to work, minutes later they bring up his body from the water to see if it has worked. It didn't work but Hurley said it takes a while because just look at how long it took for Sayid, Cindy said it was different with sayid as the monster brought him back not us and now he is dead im afraid Jack is gone. Suddenly the island started shaking again and it seemed to be worst this time as it lasted longer and part of the temple was falling down.

Scene 4

When it stopped Sawyer decided its time to get Miles and Claire as they wont be going off this island anytime soon and its to dangerous to stay out there alone as they is now something wrong, so Kate decided to go with him along with Frank. Ben and Hurley stayed at the temple along with Desmond who was still injured and richard who also stayed at the temple. They got to the beach and they weren't there to they didn't know where they went and there was no trace of them. Sawyer then said I am going to the cliffs as I left my rug sack there before we left for the plane to get a bottle of gin as he needed a drink. They all decided to stay together so they followed him then they were about to go on the cliffs and it started raining and the island started shaking again and it was even worst. They see Miles lying besides a tree beaten up with blood dripping down him and was dead, they were all very sad by this, especially Frank and Sawyer then they see a figure standing on the cliff tops and the figure has a knife over someones neck and this figure turns out to be Claire and he slits her neck and kills her, still unaware who this figure is Kate is very upset and angry by this, but Sawyer heads over to confront this person, and the shadow over looking this person fades and it turns out to be Locke but sawyer and the rest know this isn't Locke, its the Man In Black, but they are surprised because he was dead he comes forwards and says to them, “did you miss me James, I found another loop hole”. He then runs towards them with his knife about to attack them.

Scene 5

Before we find out what the MIB did to them, the scene quickly turns to the temple after Hurley saying I think he is really gone they then leave the part of the temple where Jack's body lies and the scene turns to Hurley talking to Ben on how Jack was like and what he was and how good he was, then while all you could you was Hurley voice still talking about Jack the scene then turns to Jack while still hearing Hurley's voice and the platform Jack's body is on starts rumbling and shaking faster and faster with every second gone, then the screen goes blank for a couple of seconds and then goes straight to Jack's eye which opens, he is reborn.

PART 2 WHICH IS THE FINAL PART COMING SOON! there will be a longer version of part 1 and a script coming soon aswel

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