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Scene 1

{On the plane minutes after they got off the island}

SAWYER: Live together, die alone

KATIE: What?

SAWYER: I'm sorry

KATE: Sorry for what?


KATE: Jack isn't dead, he cant have gone

SAWYER: Ever since we got to this island, Jack always kept living his life on one phrase KATE: What phrase?

SAWYER: Live together, die alone...He died alone, Kate

MILES: Hay, Lafleur, what are you going to do with all the money we're going to get?

SAWYER: I told you, I'm not Lafleur anymore and theres one thing I'm not buying

MILES: What's that?

SAWYER: An Island

MILES: Well I'm definitely getting a nice new-------aaaahh

SAWYER: Lapidus, what's wrong?

LAPIDUS: Its deja vu all over again, Hay Miles, Richard, when you went to check on the plane, did u check the fuel tank?


LAPIDUS: Because we're running out of fuel, and fast

SAWYER: Oi Chesty, you better fix this because I am not going back on that island, not again

LAPIDUS: I'm sorry but we are going down......and this captain isn't going down with its ship.

SAWYER: Lapidus, where's the life jackets?

LAPIDUS:........Well thats going to be a problem, because there ain't none

SAYWER: Can you set it on autopilot?

LAPIDUS: All ready doing it, but the thing is that once we jump, theres only one place to go to.

SAWYER I know.......OK now while he sets the autopilot you lot try and find any that will float

KATE: We're not going to jump are we?

SAWYER: Sorry Freckles, but we have no choice......Here we go again

CLAIRE: Kate, I cant go back on that island again, Aaron needs me

KATE: I know but we have no choice or we will die

MILES: Are we ready?

SAWYER: Yer, well what did you find?


RICHARD: Nothing

SAWYWR: We still have no choice we have to jump

CLAIRE: But Sawyer we can't survive the waters without anything to float on

SAWYER: Well I'm not earing you come up with any ideas

LAPIDUS: Well, lets go

MILES: You first

LAPIDUS: Ok, right after you

SAWYER: While you two keep arguing, I will be swimming to that island, your welcome to join me

RICHARD: Everyone needs to jump now

{In the ocean}

SAWYER: Ok, everyone follow me and stick together


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