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June 19, 2010
  • Jacamor

    i always thought it would end with the eye scene but i didn't know if the eye would close or open or where it would take place i didn't think the other world was the after life i thought it was a life due to the hydrogen bomb

    what did you think

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  • Jacamor

    Scene 1

    {On the plane minutes after they got off the island}

    SAWYER: Live together, die alone

    KATIE: What?

    SAWYER: I'm sorry

    KATE: Sorry for what?

    SAWYER: Jack

    KATE: Jack isn't dead, he cant have gone

    SAWYER: Ever since we got to this island, Jack always kept living his life on one phrase KATE: What phrase?

    SAWYER: Live together, die alone...He died alone, Kate

    MILES: Hay, Lafleur, what are you going to do with all the money we're going to get?

    SAWYER: I told you, I'm not Lafleur anymore and theres one thing I'm not buying

    MILES: What's that?

    SAWYER: An Island

    MILES: Well I'm definitely getting a nice new-------aaaahh

    SAWYER: Lapidus, what's wrong?

    LAPIDUS: Its deja vu all over again, Hay Miles, Richard, when you went to check on the plane, did u check th…

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  • Jacamor


    June 19, 2010 by Jacamor

    i am currently writing a story about LOST, and the events after the island, i dont want to say much but, i will say what if that play that took off with kate and sawyer and the rest of the gang didnt make it back to civilisation, and i will also say it is a 2 part story

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