Fellow Lostpedians, the End is nigh. I'm asking bloggers to voluntarily stop posting blogs and comments today. With us so near to the end, let's do our best to not be spoiled. Damon Lindelof has asked fans to resist reading spoilers, and experience the show.

Folks. Things are going to start leaking. Resist. It's Christmas Eve. You've made it this far. Don't read it. EXPERIENCE IT. Please.

@DamonLindelof on Twitter

If blogs or blog comments are reported for spoilers today, I will likely just delete and not read. If an extraordinary spoiler event or attack occurs, please send me an email, or notifiy Wikia staff through Special:Contact,, or IRC (#wikia on freenode). Let's do our part to keep Lostpedia the number one Lost fansite!

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